Open House Event

Time flies! It has already been 6 months since I moved into our new studio at Prinsengracht 175 in Amsterdam. Cycling every day to this beautiful historic building gives me much joy and it's only a footstep away from one of my favorite spots for coffee and cinnamon buns (Oslo Coffee).I've always loved the places I used to work from, but this one is more special to me because it is shared with other creatives. It already feels like a small community. Since it's the first time we shared a studio space, we took the time to settle in and make it ours. Together we've changed the lay out regularly, moved furniture from one room to another and slowly explore other ways to use this workspace, for instance as a pop-up gallery, photoshoot location or to host creative sessions, gatherings and workshops.This weekend, Saturday the 28th of January, we open the doors to our very first 'Market with Friends'-event. Together with Anne Eva (former owner of AEVA jewelry) Aliska and Cylia of Palaver Fashion, we'd like to welcome you to our place in the heart of Amsterdam where we'll be selling woman's wear, silver and golden jewelry and all kinds of ceramics and other items for the home.The ceramics I sell are all carefully collected throughout the years. Think of brands like Muuto, Mleko Living and Menu. But I also offer single pieces of ceramicists like Dirk Aleksic, Mette Duedahl, Keramiek Kantoor, JC Herman and Kasper Wurtz.Feel free to stop by, we are open from 10.00-18.00 and you can find us at Prinsengracht 175 in Amsterdam. On the 27th of January, Palaver organizes another event, read more about it via this link.

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