The Gatherists x Birgitta de Vos

It’s the beginning of spring and therfore the perfect time to detox, sow seeds for the future and find harmony. On Monday the 20th of March we will celebrate a new edition of The Gatherists: our very first Spring Equinox Gathering. Our co-host Birgitta de Vos is author and artist of the mind-shifting book ‘All in Nothing | Nothing in All’. The book includes meaningful words combined with organic shapes and patterns. It gives room for interpretation in every way.About ‘All in Nothing | Nothing in All’: ‘This book is like no other book. It is food for soul, body and spirit. It invites you to shift your focus and connect to the field of infinite possibilities and abundance. Where dreams are born and the future made.’

I look forward to a memorable edition where Birgitta shares more about this inspiring book. Follow The Gatherists for updates via Instagram

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