The Gatherists x KINTO Europe

The Gatherists has always been for the curious who are interested in meeting new people. And it gives us great joy that so many of you like our get togethers and we look forward to continue organizing many more.

On Wednesday November 23rd we are celebrating  our 35th edition at my studio space in Amsterdam. This special occasion we host together with TJ of KINTO Europe. We met TJ met before at a few workshops and gatherings and decided to organise an edition of The Gatherists together. Both share the love for good food, a nice brew and the joy of bringing people together in an informal setting. 

For this episode we also team up with a few local makers. Kristina from Oslo Amsterdam serves our guests delicious pastries, Louis and Veronique of Dak Coffee Roasters will pour specialty coffee and Sybilla of Trinitea treats everyone with her exceptional teas. We look forward to an inspiring 35th edition!

The Gatherists
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