Allvital Vitamins

I am so pleased to finally share the result of the rebranding of Allvital Vitamins and Herbs! Allvital is a high-quality vitamine supplement brand based in The Netherlands and mostly known by therapists in Germany and Switzerland. Luckily the products can also be purchased via their website. For this rebranding project ― the graphic design was in the hands of Behold Agency ― Fanny Olsthoorn and I took care of the art direction, styling and photography as seen here.

Client Allvital Vitamins
Rebranding Design Behold Agency
Art Direction (photography) Fanny Olsthoorn, Marieke Verdenius
Styling Fanny Olsthoorn
Photography Marieke Verdenius
Hand model Judith Knuvers
Make up & Hair Bianca Fabrie