Eva Schreuder Jewelry

Eva Schreuder is a jewellery designer based in Leiden, The Netherlands. Her atelier is located in the heart of the city in a beautiful historic building from where she runs her workshop, teaches classes and sells her handmade designs. I love her artistic signature and how they reflect her personality: feminine, playful and authentic.Together with Eva I photographed two of her projects: one for the 10+1-collection and one for a collaboration with Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden, both shown here. Recently Eva announced that she is ready for a new chapter in her career: after 13 years of making collections she now decided to focus only on commissioned work for individual clients and in collaboration with for instance Atelier Sukha and Rijksmuseum. This means that many pieces of her classic collection will not be made and sold anymore. Take a look at her website for the latest info and updates.Client: @evaschreuderjewelry

Photography @verdenius 
Model @merlebergers