Husk Ceramics

Dressing tables, selecting glassware, linen and ceramics is one of the things I really love to do. It's about combining colours, gathering props, styling materials and taking care of how everything is presented without overdoing it  I like to keep it minimal yet rich. When I worked as an editior for Jamie Oliver Magazine I got the chance to explore the field of food & prop styling. I remember visiting shops everywhere around the city, collecting props and other items that I carried on my bike. I styled for many cookbook authors, but also for our own features with seasonal ingredients. It was a dream come true, working on set with the most beautiful dishes and carefully sourced props: all for one of most popular food magazines in those days. Nowadays I don't work as a food stylist anymore, only occasionally when a dish needs to be plated for a shoot. But I still love working with beautiful tableware and some ingredients. When traveling I always keep space for ceramics made by a local crafter! But closer to home there are so many talented ceramists that too make beautiful designs. Husk Ceramics was co-founded by Suzan Becking and since last year she runs her studio solely. I love the minimalism in her porcelain work as well as her unique colours and glazes. Suzan has several clients that she creates together with, like for instance for Fine Coffee Set. For this photoshoot we photographed some pieces of her collection at my studio in Amsterdam. Also included are some shots I took at her studio in Utrecht.

Find more about Suzan and her work at Husk Ceramics.