Enseoul Korean Art

Enseoul is the contemporary Korean art gallery, founded by Gwen Park. Gwen recently invited me to capture a selection of Korean artworks. I love her unique eye for curating these beautiful objects, her delicate and yet decisive approach and also her kindness and positivity. It was an honor creating with her and ― indirectly ― with the makers she represents.We captured two Korean moon jars and two brass objects. The artist of the moon jars is called PanKi Kim. Gwen: ‘The Korean full moon jars are named after the full moon that we get to meet every 29.5 days. The ‘full’ status of the moon lasts only an instant, having us longing for the next month to come. Wanting to have the full moon closer in everyday lives, Koreans have been keeping the moon jars in their houses. Unique and asymmetrical shapes of jars present naturalism and spontaneity over rigid perfection, just like the moon itself.’‘Korean moon jars reflect not only techniques or experiences, but status of mind and intention of artists. Only when artists are free from pretension while trusting their hands, they get to meet moon jars that they dream of.’

The other artist is called DongHae Kim. Gwen: ‘Inspired by trees and its hanging leaves, Donghae explores relationships and interactivities that exist in nature through his artwork. Visible elements like leaves and easily unseen essentials such as air are taken as main characters, the artist demonstrates the perfect harmony that arises only when both are present.’

About Gwen Park. Gwen has been greatly influenced by her heritage, she spends a lot of time on savouring Korean artworks. Enseoul is a natural extension of her attitude and philosophy towards life. She believes in art when it evokes emotions in people with long-lasting echoes. With its grand mission, Enseoul undertakes on the adventure to excavate and express the aesthetic philosophy of Korea in Amsterdam.

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