My Inner Health Club

Last September a new campaign of My Inner Health Club and Open House studio was launched. In this production four inspiring creatives share a light on how they include Inner Traditions to their Daily Lives. 

I had the pleasure to photograph Bruno Sitton in Amsterdam. He is a multi-talented gentle soul who — in my belief — refects balance, strenght, focus and playfulness. His vision on how to strenghten your immune system is a very inspiring read on the platform of My Inner Heath Club and Open House MagazineClient: Open House Studio & My Inner Health Club
Cinematography by @herrera.marti ⁠
Photography Bruno Sitton by @verdenius
Creative direction by @clemenspoloczek ⁠@ignant
Creative concept & art direction by @flklstber and @mariluzopenhouse ⁠
Production by @_openhousestudio_ ⁠
Copywriting by @aleclea