Orris Natural Soaps

A new wave of soap bars. Only a few years ago soap had a bit of an old-fashioned image, at least in my opinion. I usually stored them — unused and still wrapped in paper or cellophane — in my wardrobe and clothes drawers creating a lovely scent. Gradually I noticed more brands starting their soapbar collection and I was intrigued, because it wasn’t about only cleaning your hands anymore. It’s outdated image transformed into a high quality product that elevated the senses with the use of refined fragrance-palettes and carefully sourced organic ingredients. Using these soaps felt like a skincare treatment, an enriching wellness experience in your own home. The birth of a new ritual.
These days I foster this new ritual, either to wash my hands, massage my hair when taking a shower or simply cleanse my face. The botanical soaps by ORRIS made this experience even better. At this moment there are four scents with the names ‘Le Botaniste’, ‘Le Nomade’, ‘Le Soliste’ — my favorite — and ‘La Déesse’. Needless to say the package design and typography too are very appealing.

For ORRIS SOAP I styled and photographed these images, showing that these bars deserve more than simply a corner on your bathroom sink — even unwrapped.

Find more info about the scents of this plant-based artisanal soap brand from Paris at ORRISPARIS.COM.