The Gatherists organizes intimate get togethers for like-minded creatives & entrepreneurs, hosted by Marieke Verdenius and friends. It was initiated with the idea of bringing creative people together in a casual way over coffee and cake. Working as freelance creatives, we — Margot van der Krogt & Marieke Verdenius — felt like we missed an opportunity to meet the many people whose work we had seen, read about and admired online and off. While social media channels like Instagram are great sources of inspiration (we, too, met via the app) nothing can compare to face-to-face interactions.

What started in June 2017 in Amsterdam with a small group of our friends has now grown into a small community of likeminded creatives. We usually meet monthly at Marieke’s atelier in small gatherings of 10 to 12 people to share what we’re working on and even struggling with, and hopefully inspire one another. There’s no program, hidden agenda or end goal. In November 2022 we mark our 35th edition and we look forward to organise many more.

Since 2019 Marieke Verdenius solely hosts The Gatherists, inviting creative-minded friends to co-host the get togethers with her in Amsterdam or elsewhere in The Netherlands and sometimes even abroad. We aim to become a platform for the creation of new connections and eventually new ideas, collaborations, projects or even friendships. Because sometimes all you need to fuel your passion is a lovely conversation and a slice of homemade apple pie.

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The Gatherists x HYSSOP x Hotel Ame

The Gatherists x KINTO
The Gatherists x Birgitta de Vos

our editions

edition 40: May 30th 2023, in collaboration with Holly Marder from Avenue Design Studio, Delft
edition 39, May 25th 2023, in collaboration with Eveline Maat from The Fine Store, The Hague
edition 38: March 24th 2023, in collaboration with Veronique and Louis from Dak Coffee Roasters, Amsterdam
edition 37: March 20th 2023, in collaboration with Birgitta de Vos @birgittadevos, Amsterdam

edition 36: December 2nd 2022, in collaboration with Ayane & Nathanael of HYSSOP and Angel of Hotel Ame, Rotterdam
edition 35: November 23rd 2022, in collaboration with TJ Schulien of Kinto Europe, Amsterdam
edition 34: September 16th 2022, in collaboration with Fred Rigby of Fred Rigby Studio, London
edition 33: August 10th 2022, in collaboration with Cylia Herbertson of Palaver, Amsterdam
edition 32: June 22nd 2022, in collaboration with Anne Eva Brink of Maison Massier and Art Salon Anaïs, Amsterdam
edition 31: June 8th 2022, in collaboration with Suzan Becking of Husk Ceramics, Utrecht
edition 30: May 18th 2022, in collaboration with Pien Vismans and Willemijn of Cardemom Singel, Amsterdam
edition 29: April 13th 2022, in collaboration with Merle Bergers of Lingua Planta, and Joris Tideman of Joris Ontwikkelt, De Bilt
edition 28: March 30th 2022, in collaboration with Joanna Pietrzyk from Timeless Linen, The Hague
edition 27: August 4th 2021, in collaboration with Lisa Maduro from Slow Escapes, Amsterdam
edition 26: June 30th 2021, in collaboration with Veronique and Louis from Dak Coffee Roasters, Amsterdam
home edition 3: April 22nd 2021 instagram live with culinary explorer Valentina Raffaelli and toy designer Luca Boscardin
home edition 2: March 30th 2021 instagram live with co-founder Margot van der Krogt
home edition 1: March 3rd 2021 instagram live with Eilidh Izat from Porteous' Studio, Edinburgh
edition 25: March 11th 2020, in collaboration with Lisa Maduro from Slow Escapes, Amsterdam
edition 24: February 5th 2020, in collaboration with Fanny Olsthoorn, Amsterdam
edition 23: January 29th 2020, in collaboration with Annemieke Boots Ceramics, Amsterdam
edition 22: September 11th 2019, in collaboration with Annemieke Boots Ceramics, Amsterdam
edition 21: July 17th 2019, Amsterdam
edition 20: June 11th 2019, Amsterdam
edition 19: May 8th 2019, in collaboration with Roos Andriesma from Adorn Fine Jewellery, Amsterdam
edition 18: April 24th 2019, in collaboration with Martino di Napoli Rampolla from Numeroventi, Florence
edition 17: March 20th 2019, in collaboration with Seraina Silja Hürlimann and Simon Ammann, Copenhagen
edition 16: January 28th 2019, Amsterdam
edition 15: October 17th 2018, in collaboration with Esther Blankers from Pantoufle Design, Rotterdam
edition 14: October 10th 2018, in collaboration with Eilidh Izat from Porteous' Studio, Edinburgh
edition 13: September 28th 2018, London
edition 12: September 19th 2018, Amsterdam
edition 11: August 8th 2018, in collaboration with Seraina Silja Hürlimann and Simon Ammann, Copenhagen
edition 10: July 4th 2018, Amsterdam
edition 9: June 13th 2018, Amsterdam
edition easter: March 31 and April 1st 2018, in collaboration with Fanny Olsthoorn and Martina Bianchini of Café Spontane, Amsterdam
edition 8: February 14th 2018, Amsterdam
edition 7: December 13th 2017, Amsterdam
edition 6: November 15th 2017, Amsterdam
edition 5: October 11th 2017, Amsterdam
edition 4: September 13th 2017, Amsterdam
edition 3: August 16th 2017, Amsterdam
edition 2: July 5th 2017, Amsterdam
edition 1: June 21th 2017, Amsterdam