Masterclass Lightroom For Beginners (Group, Online)

€175,00 EUR

Editing your photos with Adobe Lightroom can be done in so many different ways. Over the years I've developed my style that now has a soft, fresh and warm look. And because I always searched for online classes with this minimalistic but yet warm look, I decided to teach them myself!

During this intense one hour class I share my workflow with you. Via different types of examples (interior, food, lifestyle, portraits) we dive into topics like white balance, highlights, shadows and contrast as well as temperature, colour tone, vibrance, saturation and more.

Learn the basic skills in editing with Lightroom during this 1 hour online group class. Via a shared screen I will demonstrate step by step how to edit your desired photos and create a consistent style. Questions can be asked during the class.

After the class you'll receive my workflow sheet (pdf file) as well as the replay of the classes in Audio and Video via Wetransfer, so you can study the lessons again in your own time.

Please note, in case you have a foreign company with business registration number, please do not book via the site but contact me via my email for a VAT deducted invoice.

I'll be offering the online class on:

  • Monday March 27th from 20.00 - 21.00 (CET)

I look forward to meet you online!



  • An intense 1 hour online class in editing with Adobe Lightroom, taught live by professional photographer Marieke Verdenius

  • Tips on how to create a consistent workflow with post editing

  • Learning about colour temperatures, how to get rid of a blue hue in images

  • Advice on how to work with contrast and natural tones

  • Suggestions on how to find a visual balance in your photos

  • Ideas on how to crop your images to get the best out of them

  • Q & A


  • You’ll receive the replay of the classes in Audio and Video via Wetransfer, so you can study the lessons again in your own time

  • You'll receive a pdf with my workflow

If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a session, please email me at

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