Private Workshop in Amsterdam

$757.00 USD

Do you have a business where you need visual content, but you don’t know how to create it yourself? Would you like to upgrade your skills in styling and photographing interior, stills, food or lifestyle? Do you need some guidance on the technical aspects of capturing images? Or do you simply need a dose of new inspiration and images for your portfolio? I would love to welcome you for a private workshop in Amsterdam and guide you on your creative path.

These tailor-made workshops are for anyone who wants to go in depth with me. I can help you with all kinds of topics like photography by phone, photography with a professional camera, leaning about technical camera settings, post-editing with Adobe Lightroom, how to turn a concept into a photoshoot and more. I can share my experience, knowledge and skills with you that I’ve built up throughout the years while working for many clients from near and far.

My strength lies in styling and capturing with daylight, focussing on creating minimal, detailed settings with natural materials. At the studio in Amsterdam I have many props available for you to create with, but you are also welcome to bring some of your own products and objects.

I offer one to one workshops of 4 hours, but if you wish more in depth guidance we can plan more than one session. Because every workshop is unique, the program isn’t fixed. Usually it’s a combination of both theory and practice.

After booking this class, we plan a date for your private session. (In case you have a foreign company with business registration number, please contact me for a VAT deducted invoice)

I am looking forward to meeting you here in the heart of Amsterdam and spend a creative memorable day together!



Language English and Dutch

Type of Class Private session

Level Beginners and advanced are both welcome to book a session

Included in the price A day of classes + refreshments + lunch + bites + the use of materials and props

Fee 695,25 euros (575,00 euros + 21% vat)

Excluded Airfare and/or transportation to & from the workshop, dinner

Bring A digital camera and/or mobile phone, pen + paper

Contact For any questions please email Marieke at

Cancellation Tickets are non-refundable, please confirm your ability to attend before purchasing tickets


  • A private class taught at a beautiful location by professional stylist and photographer Marieke Verdenius
  • Tips on how to capture interiors, stills and products from different perspectives
  • How to style with beautiful furniture, care products, inspiring books and natural materials
  • Opportunity to create your own settings and make photos for your portfolio
  • Advice on how to create interior photos with the use of natural daylight
  • Suggestions on how to use empty space with interior photography
  • Ideas on how to crop your images to get the best out of them
  • A demo in Adobe LIghtroom to edit your photos (optional)
  • A demo in styling and capturing several lifestyle & interior settings
  • Personal 1:1 guidance
  • Q & A
  • And more!


  • You’ll receive my tailor-made presentation as a pdf.
  • I hope you’ll leave my workshop with a portfolio full of new work you are proud of, as well as skills that will help take your imagery and storytelling to the next level. 

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